Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our growing family

Valley Creek 2006 - in front of the majestic sawtooth mountainsHere is a time lapse of our family at Valley Creek - images from the last 3 summers.

First off, 2006. Here we are in front of the majestic sawtooth mountains.

Valley Creek 2006 - on a hikeAnd - still 2006 - posing for pics along the trail.

Our family, Valley Creek 2007, pregnant MAIn 2007, we visited Valley Creek just 3 weeks before Katie was born... Mary Alice was ready to pop!

Family photo in front of Mamma C's cabin - 2008And here we are in 2008 - Kate has joined our crew.

We can't wait to see how our family will continue to grow - we've still got about a dozen kids planned, so stay tuned!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Valley Creek

Last week we spent some time in Stanley, ID. Mary Alice's granddaddy bought some land up in the Sawtooth mountains during the Great Depression. The spot - known as Valley Creek - is a favorite vacation spot for the family. We gather there every year to play games, go fishing, hiking, play at Redfish or Stanley lakes, look for wildlife, and swat at mosquitoes. Luckily no one contracted West Nile virus.

Ben with Kate on a swingBen and Katie enjoy a swing in Stanley, Idaho. We had dinner several times at the Stanley city park. Look closely and you can catch Mary Alice in my sunglasses.

Mary Alice and Kate at the beachMary Alice and Kate watch a dog swimming in Stanley Lake. On my first trip to Stanley, Idaho, Mary Alice and I rented a paddle boat and we sailed it (peddled it?) around the bend of the trees on the right. Fun times. That's where the dream of owning our own yacht and sailing the world began.

Kathryn playing in the sandKatie was curious about the beach and the sand and enjoyed playing there. She was a bit nonplussed the first time a wave came in on her, but she quickly got used to it and enjoyed splashing.

Katie and cousings in hotelKate was a hit with her cousins. Everybody wanted to hold her or play with her. Kathryn was such a sport about it all - she was almost always in a good mood.

Ben on a hike with KatieI know you can't see me in my camouflage, but I've got a baby strapped to my back, out on a hike to the 'reservoir' at Valley Creek.

Mary Alice and Kathryn hikingHere's Mary Alice looking cute with our Katie. Our friends the Dustin's lent us this baby backpack. It was definitely appreciated.

Family photo in front of Mamma C's cabinFamily photo op by Mama C's cabin at Valley Creek. You can see that our cabins have a bit more character (and age) than what you typically think of as cabins. There's one 'cabin' up here (the funny cabin) that was used by actual trappers before the settling of the west.

Katie and cousins at Valley Creek on blanketKatie and some cousins at Valley Creek. Katie liked spending time with the older kids.

Kate with more cousins

Katie after a long day at Valley Creek - sitting in a big camp chairAfter a long day of playing, Katie is ready for bed.

Camo daddy and Katie at the park pavilionDaddy and Katie blending in.

Kate at pavilion with girl cousinsAs always, Kate is popular with her cousins.

the camp at valley creek - Joe cookingJoe is cooking up some dinner at the Valley Creek cabins. Joe and his kids make some mean fajitas.

Mary A with Marin on blanketMary Alice and Marin share parenting tips. Katie is eager to start a game of Catchphrase.

Katie loves Valley Creek!Katie can't wait for next year to come back to Valley Creek!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Our little gal has finally become a climber - she loves to climb stairs. She still needs a spotter, though, for all those times she loses her balance or leans back a bit to far. Plus she still tries to go down face first. We're trying to teach her better form.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Braces Fun

For all of you who just couldn't get enough of my braces, you're not alone! Katie has a hard time leaving my mouth alone if she can reach it. Lately I've had to wear rubber bands, and she especially likes to flip those.

Sometimes Kate can play kind of rough. I can't imagine where she would've learned that.

If you're curious, we just set the date for the removal of the braces as October 13. There will be much rejoicing in the land. That will mark 52 months in braces. It must be some sort of record. My own mother asked me recently if I'd had these braces on during my mission in Ukraine (the answer is no - but it feels like it).

Monday, June 23, 2008

Arts & Crafts

Katie and Mary Alice worked on a Father's Day present for dad. I should have a picture of it posted. Anyway, it was Katie's first painting. She really had a good time with it, as you can tell.

Ben is really a lucky Daddy. You can tell from Kate's onesie that she loves her Padre. Happy Father's day to all the Dad's out there.